Worldwide Delivery

(About this image) Worldwide Delivery - Looking across the plains from an Atlas D radar tower

“Worldwide Delivery in 30 minutes or less – or the next one is free”. Scouring through the internet I found a photo with that catch phrase painted onto a door inside a missile base in the style of Dominos Pizza. You can’t beat a bit of dark humor. 😉

This view is looking across the plains of Wyoming from the remains of the radar dome of an Atlas D ICBM base. In the distance you can see one of the three coffin launchers.

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9 Responses to “Worldwide Delivery”

  1. don

    An impressive shot of this amazing place. It’s a fine shot for its range of focus and wonderful detail.

  2. Remus

    Worldwide Delivery in 30 minutes or less?
    So… A missile would take only 30 minutes from the United States to Russia, China, Portugal…? Or 30 minutes was the time it took to shoot one of these missiles?

    • Chad Hoover

      flight time for an ICBM from the USA to Russia depending on which ICBM it is, is in the time frame of 25 to 45 min.


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