Winter Cabin

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Winter Cabin

Happy new year!!
I just received an email from JPG mag, they’re closing down operations, not a great start to the year. I always viewed them as one of the corner stones of the photo and photoblogging community, I hope the communities built around this and other similar sites will weather the current financial climate.

Photo taken in Tetons National Park, Wyoming. Fuji Velvia 100.

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35 Responses to “Winter Cabin”

  1. Frida

    Great image love the composition. I also received the letter from JPG magazine. I'm a new user and haven't learned to use it yet.

  2. Toni

    I really like this image. The perspective on the building, the sky, the snow – excellent composition. I, too, got the email from JPG mag. I'm a new user (about a month) and was looking forward to the different challenges, etc. It's a shame.

  3. Laurie

    I heard that too about JPG mag. I never submitted anything to it…I meant to just never got to it. oh well too late now.

    This is a really fantastic view. What a great cabin. It really looks like Lincoln Logs.

  4. sherri

    Exceptional capture, Will. I can't imagine trying to stay warm in that cabin out there in the middle of nowhere. You find some amazing things.

  5. Roland

    Will, this is a great photo. Yeah – it's not the beach, but you have a lot of variety. We've had on and off weather in southern California, so a good day like yesterday, required getting to the beach. Cheers.

  6. Csaba/EyeVision

    Really nice colors and tones. What is this small shed for?
    And it's a shame that such great projects like the JPG mag goes down just because of money….

  7. gavin hart

    Yes, I like the framing Will, which includes the foreground grasses with their lovely textures and warm colors. The perspective and leading lines from the snow and clouds are great too. You're posting some great stuff!

  8. Terry H.

    Beautiful photo but does not look very warm to me for a winter cabin. I think I would stay there only on the summertime.

  9. Rian

    now this is cool.. the wide angle feel really works well for this kind of structure and scenery.. nice shot and have a happy new year too! 😀

  10. Mike

    I was disappointed to hear about JPG Mag as well. Looks like there's a chance they may get bought out by someone. Very dramatic sky in this shot.

  11. don

    A solid shot. I especially like how the snow and the clouds all seem to point to the squating log cabin. Nice.


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