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Ok, last lake shot for now, though I have many more where these came from 😉
Hiked out to Mud Lakes yesterday, a remote off trail lake system in Mt. Evans Wilderness. What an unfortunate name these lakes have, it is truly a beautiful area that’s abundant in wildlife. We had a herd of Elk come through camp with their bugle calls echoing across the valley and lake, I think they were being pursued by Coyotes (aka prairie wolves) that sounded their howl soon after. This morning we watched one of the returning Elks, a 7 point antlered male, graze and scrutinize us from across the lake while an eagle patrolled and swooped on the far shore. Nonetheless a very eventful evening, and noisy 😉

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  1. jeff

    Wow! Great exposure here and what a landscape. You did well in exposing the reflection here. Sounds like a great place. The only sounds I hear around here are sirens and traffic…..


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