Wild Horses

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Wild Horses

Yet another roll of slide film came back from the photo studio today. I made the mistake of leaving the yellow filter on the lens with a color roll in the camera (yellow brings out definition on a B&W film). Fortunately my film scanner does a very nice job converting color (yellow!) into B&W. It could have been worse, I thought the film was fogged from an airport x-ray in Hong Kong. This shot of the horse was from New Mexico last year.

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4 Responses to “Wild Horses”

  1. Josh

    This one really gets me. A beautiful silhouette with just the right touch of detail in the horse's face. Although, I think a bit more motion blur in the background would take this to the next level.

  2. sherri

    Just beautiful. I have a cousin who owns and rides all the time. She has even formed a group that does search and rescue on horseback when someone is missing. Nice one.


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