Waves in Time

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Waves in Time

Wood detail of a Bristlecone Pine, as I mentioned in a previous posting about these trees, some of them live as long as 1,600 years. What forces over the millennium caused these twists and knots? Very mysterious trees.

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15 Responses to “Waves in Time”

  1. Richard H

    Very nice use of light to make this even more interesting.
    I can't stop seeing horses in this image. Perhaps it's the colour and flowing lines.

  2. Kim

    The curves and knots show the battle this tree has fought over the years to stay alive. Wonderful details you've captured here!

  3. Martin

    I like this very much for its warm tones and mesmerizing shapes! You could also try going the opposite direction and turn this into a high key b/w shot.

  4. Ryan Forshaw

    Who knew that something so natural could look like an abstract piece of art! Wonderful textures and colours

  5. sherri

    This has the appearance of petrified wood. Either way, the distortion of the branches and the grain in the wood is extraordinary. I love the way you filled the frame with the wood patterns.


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