Between the Walls

(About this image) Between the Walls - School House reduced to crumbling plaster and boarded up windows.

The sad,ย ignominious end for an impressive school house. The walls and ceiling crumbling, windows broken or boarded and the winter elements drafting through, chipping away at it’s foundations. This is not the way a place of learning should go.

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10 Responses to “Between the Walls”

  1. Ginnie

    It does make you wonder why they never imploded the place?? In the meantime, howevre, you’re bringing back what once was, Will.

    • Will Williams

      The area is very poor, there’s lots of abandoned properties and it’s just too expensive to knock these places down. I’m very glad they haven’t, they are rich with history.

  2. Louis

    Hi, I believe it is quite long ago that I visited the haunter of abandoned sites’ web site. Top photography, that enhances the emotions of yesteryear. I browsed your older postings on this site. I like the old schoolhouse a lot.

  3. Remus

    Why you did not buy the building and do a “School makeover”.
    I heard that in the United States, the money comes in the trees. I’m wrong?


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