Walking Amongst Shadows

(About this image) Walking Amongst Shadows - The main junction of a Titan 1 missile base.

Revisiting the main junction of the missile base with my new Nikon D5300. What a huge jump going from the D70s with 6.1 megapixel to 24 megapixel! But I’m most grateful for the low light sensitivity and quality improvements, after all low light does seem to be the emphasis of my work.

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5 Responses to “Walking Amongst Shadows”

  1. Remus

    I’ve always heard that the material and size does not matter. What matters is what you do with it.
    And you, regardless of the size of your material, you do great and beautiful photos.

  2. rian

    took you 10(ish) years to upgrade, i’m impressed.. ;D but it’s not the tool, you always get good stuff like this one.. 🙂


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