Walk This Way

(About this image) Walk This Way - The crumbling walk way of a gold mine sluice house

I’m pretty happy with my decision to find a way around this section of walkway at this abandoned gold mine sluice house. By the look of it’s condition, any extra weight would have pulled down the entire structure. Within 2 months of finding gold near Central City, CO, the population went from a handful of miners to over 10,000 prospectors looking to make their fortune.

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3 Responses to “Walk This Way”

  1. Ginnie

    To think this place is still standing amazes me more than all the rest of it put together! Great job in helping to preserve the memory, Will.

  2. Remus

    With so many risks, any day you have a sad story to tell …

    Excellent sense of depth. And once again, the light is very well controlled.


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