Urban Gods

(About this image) Urban Gods - Faith in the city

I stumbled across this shrine, nestled between buildings on three sides and surrounded by brick and glass. An unexpected organic sanctuary amid a manmade environment, coexisting with the urban facade of New York City’s lower east side. Anomalous, quiet and at rest. Offerings left before the deities feet signify the shrines importance. Like the jarring juxtaposition of spirituality and urbanization, could the non tangible nature of faith and gods be considered compatible with the digital creations we’ve chosen to surround ourselves with? Those logic gate, AI sub-routine marvels of engineering designed to captivate our attention. Are we not simultaneously the creators of gods and also the beings held captive to these creations?

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7 Responses to “Urban Gods”

  1. ruthiebear

    WHat an incredible find hidden in the city. I like the way the lower portion of the statue is highighted. The strips of color add interest.

    • Will Williams

      Thanks Ruthiebear! It’s easy to miss the hidden gems while walking through the city, sometimes I catch them only out of the corner of my eye.

  2. sherri

    supposing your question is not rhetorical, then, no : – )

    however, you got a terrific image from whatever you stumbled upon

    i like the neon color that i’m guessing you overlaid

  3. Elaine-

    if you ever get the chance to meet God, all questions of whether you created God or not will immediately be stamped out of existence lol


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