Urban Fortress

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A lot can change in 2 and half years, the time since I last posted a photo to this site. I very nearly closed the site down a year ago, I felt the project had run it’s course after about 15 years. Life brings changes and I find myself back on the east coast of the USA, where this site began in 2002 and new opportunities arise. As we approach the end of the 2010’s, the world is hurtling towards a 80’s dystopian future, and just as in the 80’s, Cyberpunk art reflects our technological uncertainties. Being near NYC, one of the most cyber cities in the world is the perfect place to capture these changes.

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10 Responses to “Urban Fortress”

  1. sherri

    nice to see you back, Will !

    i’ve checked on your site from time to time through the years

    great to see you post this sinister looking image, although perhaps maybe not so sinister in person?

    also glad to see you’re on the east coast. having lived there years ago, i still miss it and seeing your images will be a treat

    • Will Williams

      Hi Sherri,
      It’s amazing to see all the old sites I used to visit are still online and active. It’s about time for a new start for my photos!

  2. Elaine-

    hey coolness!! forgot about your awesome pics!! tho i have lost almost all of my commenters over the years, coz i take too many breaks… plus i think the appreciation of photoblogs is trapped in the dark matter entropy of everything else lol… nice photo, you probably risked getting mugged to take it 🙂

  3. Arjan - PlasticDaisy

    I had the same feelings about my photoblog: Been posting pictures since 2002 (!), so after so many years It became harder and harder to come up with good photo’s that I really wanted to be seen. But recently I’ve tried to challange my self anew and I bouth a new lense more suitable for street photography. Let’s see if that can relight the spark! 🙂

  4. Anita Bower

    I’ve no idea how you found my website on which you made a comment, and thus, I found yours. I especially enjoyed looking at the photos of the dogs and mushing.


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