Under a Steel Blue Sky

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Under a Steel Blue Sky

For those in the Colorado area, I’m showing in a group exhibit from May 30th to June 20th at the Evergreen Artists Association. If your in the region pop on by 🙂

Photo above taken at Arches National Park, Utah.

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21 Responses to “Under a Steel Blue Sky”

  1. jo

    What a beautiful monolithic treat, aand the patches of snow amongst it all really are the icing on the cake! Congratulations on your show, hope it goes really well for you.

  2. Steve

    beautiful photos!!! Really great shots and very very nice motives!

    I would like to invite you to http://www.wpdb.de and upload some of your photos, so that others can use them as wallpaper and enjoy your photo every time they look on there screen!
    It would be great if you take a look. Its a complete free service for everyone! (You can also put a link in your profile, so that this link will be published next to every published photo!)

    Best Regards,

  3. Gavin Hart

    Stunning image! I particularly like the horizontal strata in the rock landscape delineated by the lines of snow complimented by the horizontal cloud structures. The colors are great as well. Good luck with your exhibit.

  4. Peter

    Your wide angle landscapes really leave a bold impression. I'll be keeping an eye out for your updates.

  5. Jim (365,000 words)

    Another great picture. Great depth and the snow adds nice texture to the landscape. I also like how it's hard to really tell the scale of everything in the picture. I'd love to see a really large version of this.

  6. Mike

    I'd love to visit Arches and that whole area when they've got a fresh dusting of snow. Great job capturing it!


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