Under a Rock

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Under a Rock

So last night was a pretty major meteor shower, there were few clouds in the sky and the light show was spectacular, so I thought it a good idea to pop out with the 35mm Yashica and get 2-3 30min exposures of the stars. I loaded the film up, went out, and spent 1 1/2 hours shooting only to find later that the shutter was playing up!!! Grrr… anyway rewound the film and fixed the problem with the shutter, but I missed the the opportunity, guess it was never to be…

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6 Responses to “Under a Rock”

  1. sherri

    Sorry to hear about your missed opportunity. I love this image. The dark rocks and that bit of moss make for an interesting group.

  2. Kim

    Very interesting combination of rocks – love the wee bit of moss growing on the one. I'm sorry that your camera wasn't “playing nice” that night. I know how frustrated you must have been.


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