Tractor Power

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Tractor Power

I’ve had my eye on this tractor and some hay bails laying in the fields down the road for some time. Does anyone ever get to a point where they’ve obsessed about a picture so much that you can’t tell if it’s good or bad? This is one of those occasions.

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9 Responses to “Tractor Power”

  1. Kim

    Yes, I've been that way too, and when I finally was able to shoot it, none of them turned out worth a darn! I really like this shot, though; living in farm country, this is beautiful to me!

  2. sherri

    Oh, it's definitely a winner. We used to have a baler just like this one. The last year we baled hay, John put up 4,000 bales. He sold two semi-truck loads to farmers in Texas because of a drought. Nice memories in this one for me.


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