Looking down river in the Grand Canyon.

We went yard sale shopping on the weekend and found what was technically my first camera, an original, mint condition Pentax K1000. I found one of these cameras when I was very young, sitting by a stream in a National Park in Western Australia. I had it all the way up till I was 17 when I gave it away to a then girlfriend for her art class (d’oh!!!). When I eventually got back into photography and started photoblogging about 4 years ago, the thought of getting one these cameras again has been on my mind. Well, finally got it and for $25 too 🙂

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24 Responses to “Timeless”

  1. Ankush.

    Great shot…don't let that camera ever get away from you. The location is like the one they show in commercials and movies..lovely.

  2. Ruth

    How fun! I just shot my first two rolls on my new holga, can't wait to see what comes out. This image of yours is rich.

  3. sherri

    I'm surprised at the waves too. So amazing in greyscale. (Gave it to a girl:-) Glad you found another one and for such a great price.

  4. Radel

    love dark tone and contrast. gives the impression of a secret beach to me. i still have all of my old cameras. Sigh, if I only had a good film scanner though..

  5. Hess

    Timeless, yes indeed….gorgeous shot of an even more gorgeous country. That's a big sky area! How was the NINs gig?


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