There be Fairies

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There be Fairies

Fall has been and gone where we are, this scene was taken at the beginning of last month at the same location as this, looks a little different eh?

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50 Responses to “There be Fairies”

  1. JJ

    such a beautiful golden glow, beautifully composed, and what a contrast from the other shot, I think I would prefer to see this at the time this was taken, Snow does look beautiful I just dont like the cold

  2. Florence

    Exceptionnal portfolio, whatever the subject of the picture, there's really an atmosphere, a feeling, a poetry in the way you look at the world. A real good work indeed.

  3. michele

    i really like your framing choices here. especially with the close trees on the left and the opening in the center and to the right. gives the image a very nice intimate but not crowded feeling.

  4. sherri

    lol at your title…I love it:-)

    Beautiful capture of such an incredible forest. I think of Little Red Riding Hood for some reason.

  5. joe

    dreamy:) i think my mind has wandered to this place before. awesome shot, love the colors and the way the softness emphasizes them even more.

  6. cara

    Wow! This looks like painting, not a photograph. The light is mesmerizing. (Thanks for commenting on my site. )


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