The Line Up

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The Line Up

Monument Valley, Utah. Ilford Delta 100. My intention of using the Canonet QL with it’s very raw look and feel and B&W film was to get an old western feel to the prints, the experiment worked reasonably well considering the Canonet is about as reliable as a Holga, though Delta 100 was probably too good for that camera. More from this series of scans to come!

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12 Responses to “The Line Up”

  1. Mindy

    I love meta-photography pix in general. Makes me realize what a peculiar lot we can be. This image is exquisite. So glad someone is still using film. 🙂 Wonderful tonal range.

  2. sherri

    This is incredible. I was staring at it and the longer I looked, it appeared like a set for an old TV show. Like the photographers were standing in front of a wall with a picture of the wild west on it. I know, I know, vivid imagination:-)

  3. Kim

    Now this is really cool! I was just checking out each photographer and their choice of gear – would bet that each of them took home an image of that scene that they will treasure, just like you did. 🙂


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