The High Road

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The High Road

Got the scans back from the photo lab last night from last weeks trip into Mt. Evans Wilderness. Not bad considering I wasn’t able to get to the setup area I wanted, The snow on the north side of the ridge was still 4-5ft in places, and it’s summer! This scene is looking towards the road up Mt. Evans, the highest paved road in North America (though I doubt you can see it on this picture!).

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12 Responses to “The High Road”

  1. puzzled

    Oh what a beautiful place! I guess I'll unfortunately miss this on this trip, but have now googled it thanks to your caption. Looks awesome! It's exciting these days to see film. Thanks for posting these.

  2. Nick

    I sure looks like the horizon is a long way away! Looks like a great view. Your image lets you feel the distance.

  3. Martin

    Unusual choice of DOF, but it works very well for this shot, focusing the viewer on the trees in the middle distance. It gives a great impression of depth. I'll have to steal this idea from you 🙂


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