The “Color” in Colorado

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The "Color" in Colorado

Kenosha Pass, Colorado. Old timers in the area have said the Aspens this year have been the most colorful in a very long time, I guess everyone in Denver heard that too, the roadsides along Hwy 285 were packed.

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19 Responses to “The “Color” in Colorado”

  1. JJ

    dramatic processing, what a beautiful landscape, I would much prefer being out in beautiful areas like htis than taking shots in the city as most of mine are

  2. michele

    we found the same – most colorful leaves we had ever seen. i like the perspective here – feels like i'm zoomed into the center of the image.

  3. gavin hart

    You really achieve a great intensity of color and light in your shots Will. To me, the richness and light in this one are reminiscent of the impact you get with a Kodachrome slide.

  4. Claude

    We were at the pass one year in late October, all the trees were bare, and the landscape had a very different character. Same Western sky, though.


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