Still Roaming

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Still Roaming

Buffalo near Evergreen CO. The temperature this day was about 4 or 5f and the metal of the tripod was having nasty habit of sticking to my fingers. Moving the aperture ring with frost bit fingers is a challenge 🙂

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32 Responses to “Still Roaming”

  1. Fritsch

    Will, this is what I would call the perfect capture. Thanks for freezing and sharing this one. Makes me want to leave Berlin right away to where the buffaloe roam.
    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

    By the way. You got my vote because you deserve it!

  2. John Maslowski

    Know the feeling Will, just started using hand warmers, they work great. Beautiful capture of this incredible buffalo. Love the dark contrasts, especially against the snow. Stunning side profile, excellent shot.

  3. sherri

    I can't take the cold like that. What a magnificent animal. Don't know if it's your image or the buffalo, but I've never seen one so black. It's gorgeous.


    What a magnificent beast. This was worth fighting the elements for, what a stunning and beautiful portrait. A fave for sure. First class…and then some!


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