Standing Still

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Standing Still

Thank you all who have left comments recently while I’ve been very aloof, deadlines on projects and new client sites going live really suck the energy out of me. An older shot (well, 4 months ago) of Arches National Park, Utah. Surprising amount of grain for the finer Delta 100 film.

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14 Responses to “Standing Still”

  1. sherri

    Those rocks stacked on a smaller one have always been a mystery to me. We get what is called straight winds that blow houses down and it looks like a tornado went through and yet a rock like the one in this image has been standing there for God only knows how long. Difficult to understand. What a great capture.

  2. Nick

    Balanced rock in Arches NP is a neat spot. I can't wait to go back. You have done a great job of capturing the power of this area.

  3. clarence

    Great black and white, Will. Looks like the Old West. I have a similar image on my site from when we visited Balance Rock last summer,,,it's the one where my nephew is 'holding' the rock.


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