School House Blues

(About this image) School House Blues - Teachers chairs sit covered in dust at an abandoned school house.

Teachers chairs sit collecting dust and the remnants of the last lessons taught cover the chalk boards at a long abandoned school house. As a parent, these types locations are very poignant to myself, I can imagine the corridors and classrooms filled with children, knowing that this place likely held some of the best memories of their childhood.

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14 Responses to “School House Blues”

  1. Elaine-

    you know, if that had a solid foundation it would make a lovely loft living situation, i would fix it up and live there if it was worth it, beautiful shot

    • Will Williams

      You’re right, the open space would make an amazing loft, the building has incredible light. But unfortunately the build is starting to crumble 🙁

  2. buntagphoto

    The blackboard message reads like a final message from the teacher to the students before school lets out for the summer, for the last time.

  3. Remus

    «…some of the best memories of their childhood.»
    The first fight… The first embarrassment… The first kiss…

  4. tom

    Excellent! I can still feel the atmosphere of this place. I can imagine how the children were sitting there and listening to the teacher (some did may be not listening :-))


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