Ruins in the Woods

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Ruins in the Woods

I found the remains of this very old cabin off trail, high up in the mountains a few months back, nestled in the trees on the edge of a remote lake system. It looks as though the construction was abandoned, whether the builders season ran out and they succumbed to the cold or they found a better location, who knows!

Old cabins like this remind me of Dick Proenneke, who lived and built a log cabin in the Alaska wilderness, if you can get a hold of the video or book titled “Alone in the Wilderness”, of this amazing man, you’ll be awed at what can be achieved without the conveniences of the modern world. I’m half tempted to go finish what the builders of this structure started 😉

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9 Responses to “Ruins in the Woods”

  1. Laurie

    I love these kinds of finds. I am always taken back in time when I see them. I try to think about who lived there and what it was like for them. Well done.

  2. Kim

    Very nice shot Will. That is definitely not a “kit home” – those logs were felled/cleaned up by hand. Such a shame that they never finished it.


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