Rocky Heights

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Rocky Heights

Another photo scan from the B & W film transparency recently developed. A 100 years ago if you were to tell the locals in the Rockies how many visitors would be traveling through the peaks of the National Park, I’m sure they’d laugh you out of town. In places the trails are more akin to the interstate system due to the high volumes of traffic, how do we protect these environments? Limiting visitors to the area, which is popular in Colorado, I believe is the wrong solution. It goes against the very fundamentals of our national park/forest system. I think it comes down to personal responsibility and educating people on “Leave No Trace” ethics, we all have the right to experience the wild places but it has to be preserved for future generations. That’s my rant for the day, I’ll get off my soap box now 😉

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  1. Noor Hazmee

    Thats a stunning shot. 🙂

    This is my first time here and I am really in loved with your layout design. Really impressive. At one glance I thought it was some stock photo website. Cool stuff here. I am definitely bookmarking you. Cheers mate!


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