Red Alert

(About this image) Red Alert - Looking down the tunnel from the Power House to the Air Intake of a Titan 1 missile base.

Looking down from the Power House of a Titan 1 missile base towards the air intake. On the left, the shock proof ethylene glycol lines still remain on their spring mounting. When the base was decommissioned, the contractors stripped everything including the light fixtures. In this tunnel the glass covers were removed and placed next to the bare power sockets, there they still sit, nearly 50 years after the base was shut down. It’s a rare level of preservation for these bases.

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5 Responses to “Red Alert”

  1. Emily

    I was just browsing through some of your recent photos … your post processing is phenomenal.

    Also, I am curious about this image, because I was wondering if anyone can just go here, or if you were granted special access?


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