Reading Material

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Reading Material

I tried shooting this photo with the Holga but the light levels were too low, the scene was well suited to the grain and distortion of that camera. It’s a shame, but the trusty D70 came through.

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5 Responses to “Reading Material”

  1. Gavin Hart

    I guess this must be a corner in an old shed? These neglected items have made a nice rustic still life. The D70 has certainly done a good job. Well seen.

  2. sherri

    This one would make a great print to frame and hang. I've had storage buildings like this with Mason jars sitting around like these jars. I love it.

  3. sherri

    I looked for this one in your VFXY profile and didn't find it. I wanted to add it to My Collection:-( Your other Mason jar image wasn't in your section either. Double:-(


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