Put Your Best Boot Forward

(About this image) Put Your Best Boot Forward - Discarded miners boots sit on the stair well of an abandoned house.

“I’ve been through a desert on a horse with no name…” Why do I have that song stuck in my head? I don’t even have a horse and I’m sure after everything fell apart, there aren’t any horses left. Heck, finding a solid pair of boots is becoming a challenge.

We left the hot zone with eleven other survivors and the only way out was on foot. Getting past the hardest hit areas of the city was brutal and the conditions took a heavy toll on the group, we lost some and gained a few more survivors on the road. “Have you ever ridden a horse?” asked one of our newer road companions. “No”.
Riding large mammals I always thought, was reserved for old westerns or cheesy commercials advertising some sort of sugary alcoholic drink where the happy consumers were riding across a pristine white beach. “But I’d give my kingdom for one now”.

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4 Responses to “Put Your Best Boot Forward”

  1. Remus

    Another way to see the photo: Someone started to undress in the stairs to access the bedroom. In the bedroom, someone was already waiting, lying in bed and completely naked.
    What happened next, I leave to your imagination.


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