(About this image) watching you, watching me

A mechanical eye, devoid of emotion or compassion, ceaselessly absorbing the world. The immortal cyclops, watching its flock without prejudice, surveilling all and missing none. A faithful servant of a tireless machine guided by logic and parameters. Together they watch and record; filtering, sorting, cataloging, neatly storing away their data. A visually incomprehensible quantity, meaningless in the amounts consumable by mortals. Only the sleepless residing on the mount can decipher the patterns in the pool. The identity and habits of humanity, represented in binary form, where we came from, where we went and where we’re going, all reduced into an algorithm.

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3 Responses to “Polyphemus”

  1. ruthiebear

    The first thing I thought of when I saw and read this was the tv show Person of INterest. Cameras watching every move. I like how you created a feeling of constant motion in the image.


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