Pinnacle Rock

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Pinnacle Rock

Monument Valley, Utah. Fuji Velvia 100.

I realize the height of this image might be too large for some screen resolutions, by doing this I was hoping to achieve an effect that exaggerated the height of the sky. So my question to ya’ll is, does it work or am I better off trying to squeeze it in for smaller resolutions?

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12 Responses to “Pinnacle Rock”

  1. Bob!

    On 1280×1024 it fits perfectly into my FF work area so I have no problems with it's size 🙂
    As for all that clear blue sky, it sits perfectly on top of a wonderful looking landscape. I love shots like this from Utah as it was a CD full of them that kind of started my passion for landscape photography and this one is wonderful 🙂

  2. john

    I don't have an opinion on your question but this photograph brings back super memories. I was there ealier this year and I can hardly wait to get back and to roam around. If there is a photographer's heaven this is it.

  3. Nick

    It does not fit on my screen (but most of mine don't either). I like the size. I also like the detail and textures of the rocks. And the blue sky is fantastic.

  4. Kim

    I'd keep it the size that it is. These past few images you've posted are really making me want to take another trip out west. 🙂

  5. Heath

    Absolutely, it works. Love the bog polarized sky. It's the same kind of thing I was going for with the image I've linked to with my name below.


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