Path of Destruction

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Path of Destruction

An abandoned homestead near Villa Grove at the mouth of the San Luis Valley, Colorado. I have driven by this ruin at least 20 times and never noticed it before, I think the enormous mountain range in the background always catches my peripheral vision.
Holga with Ilford Delta 100.

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21 Responses to “Path of Destruction”

  1. Alexandra

    This holga shot really gives a great sense of sadness and weight to this image, while also giving it that vintage 1800s feel!

  2. Mathilde Collot

    I seem to see the vestiges of a bygone era, one of the great polar bear hunters in some islands of the archipelago of Svalbard. I love this beautiful velvet B / W

  3. PixeLuz

    A place that was on the path of destruction? Hit by a tornado? Alexandra tells very well the feeling given by this picture.

  4. Sharon

    This is very well done. I like the inclusion of so much sky. With the distant hills, the sky adds a great deal to the mood.


  5. Joachim B.

    You have got some very evocative images here. I really like this one (and many more) – it’s a scene that is suspended in time. Great job! Also, thanks for stopping by my blog.


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