Passing Through

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Passing Through

Is it just me or do other photographers suffer in the winter months, does anyone else have have problems taking photos your really proud of? Might be psychological. I find the lack of colors, poor light and not to mention the weather, fail inspire me or it could be I have a hard time working with this environment. I spent this last weekend on the other side of the Rockies, near Grand Junction. There’s BLM and National Forest just outside of town and it’s truly beautiful when you get nearer the cliffs, I throughly recommend stopping for a day or two if your traveling along I-70.

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6 Responses to “Passing Through”

  1. Jeff

    Beautiful treatment of light in this image. The interplay of lighted landscape with dark clouds makes this photo dramatic. Well done.

  2. Alice

    I really like the storm clouds against the details in the mountains. This is a nice shot. And I sympathize with your lack of inspiration during the winter. I feel the same way. Lately I

  3. sherri

    Lack of color in this image? This is a beautiful combination of several colors. These would be good colors to use in web design. Their beauty could never be duplicated.


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