I headed out before the storm started last night to shoot this side street. The building has fascinated me for a long time. Power and phone cables drape from above the door ways, contrasting against the aged texture of the brick work. Without the glitch art treatment, the result of the shoot was favorable, however my goal was to create a sense of unease. Not an obvious distress, but a nagging annoyance, like an itch on the top of your mouth. By adding elements of digital decay, I  brought emphasis to what is at the end of street, the position the viewer’s eyes are lead. The glitch is not pronounced, something is slightly off, something is not quite right.

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12 Responses to “Passcode”

  1. sherri

    well, you accomplished your goal as it feels quite menacing

    the items lying in the street give to the feel also

    i cannot believe the ice ! wow

      • sherri

        you shouldn’t tell that part, Will : – )

        trade secrets and all that. keeps the mystery alive as well.

        they look real

  2. Elaine-

    The strange things happening the world… right now it’s strange that it is UNSAFE to walk the streets at night… be safe ok?
    beautiful picture, you achieved the uneasy feeling in me 🙂

    • Will Williams

      Another thing that’s strange: I never felt like it was a problem to walk around with a tripod. Now I’m worried someone will mistake it for a gun. Sad times indeed.

  3. London Caller

    I actually quite like the background a lot.
    Reminded me of Twin Peaks!? 😉

    >Newark on Trent
    That looks like a very lovely town. I would love to explore Notts more, sadly I think I have only been to Nottingham.

  4. Arjan - PlasticDaisy

    Hi! Thanks for dropping by on my blog 🙂 I don’t update it often enough, but I do want to start using it more again! Let’s hope that works out. I haven’t visitied your blog for too long! I still like what I see here. Your style is really eye-catching. Will drop by more often! 🙂


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