On the Range

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On the Range

The rifle range near Harris Park, CO.
I have this almost identical same shot that was taken in medium format. The same scene and same type of film (Ilford HP5 400) but both have very different qualities. I’m torn between the two but I’ll go with the 35mm for now, maybe eventually I’ll post the other photo as a comparison.

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6 Responses to “On the Range”

  1. jo

    Yes, I'm really interested in seeing the difference between the two. Love the huge range of tones in the front row of pines.

  2. Gavin Hart

    Lovely image Will. The tonal range is great and I like the area of foreground and its texture. I can imagine standing here enjoying the feeling of the place.

  3. Keith

    when I first looked at this shot I thought that it had the old world film look to it…then I opened the comments 🙂
    as everyone else says, great tones


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