On the Edge of the Deep, I Sleep

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On the Edge of the Deep, I Sleep

An old railway sleeper (tie) at Jenny Lake. I took the ATV for a spin up Rollins Pass this evening to shoot the high country, at about a mile from the top the snow was still piled in drifts of about 4ft deep, thinking my ATV can anywhere, I tried to push through it, needless to say the ATV was pretty stuck! Fortunately that day my wife insisted I get the winch replaced, and what a life saver it was to have the ATV pull its self out.

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4 Responses to “On the Edge of the Deep, I Sleep”

  1. paolo

    i love the dof here, but i also like the way you caught the closer detail in a wide panorama, just as like a vertorama. bravo !

  2. Alice Thompson

    I like the new site, Will. You were one of the first photobloggers I followed when I started my photoblog (My Life in Focus) back in 2006. I’ve since redesigned my website, moved to SmugMug and have renamed my site, but I still enjoy keeping up with you and your work. Take care.


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