Old Guardian

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Old Guardian

So yesterdays trip out didn’t go as expected, I hit dense clouds at 11,000ft (hint: don’t wander too far from your tent looking fire wood in the clouds, can’t see a damn thing!) and the sunrise over Bear Track lake was obscured by clouds this morning. Got a couple of interesting shots going up though, these bristlecone pines can live over 1,600 years, for a comparison, some these trees were saplings at the end of the Roman empire, pretty neat eh?

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16 Responses to “Old Guardian”

  1. Kim

    I love the contrast between the sharpness of the tree and the fog in the background. Simply beautiful!

  2. jeff

    This is not only composed well, the exposure couldn't possibly be better. This one is a great one man!

  3. Gavin Hart

    You've found an excellent specimen with character for this tree portrait and it looks especially good in the mist. The light is very nice too – a sort of an atmospheric glow.


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