Natural Formation

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Natural Formation

Arches National Park, Utah. Shot with Fuji Velvia 100, 120 format. I actually meant to take another trail which went right up to arch but the sun was setting rapidly. We drove 360 miles that day to get an late afternoon view of the park, and I took the wrong hiking trail! Nonetheless it was a productive trip 🙂

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11 Responses to “Natural Formation”

  1. Lolo

    What a wonderful country. I'm impressed with the sharpness of the rocks and the shadows not just black, great job!!!

  2. Phil

    Sweet shot, the colours in the rock look beautiful. Nice view as well – I guess if you'd taken the right trail it would have been dark by the time you got there.

  3. barbara

    I was going to ask you if it was taken in Arches before your caption dropped down. One of my favorite places, though I did not shoot when I was there. I hope to go back with camera in tow next spring. I love the majestic formations and the shadows. I'm in love with this part of the country!

  4. Will Williams

    Great shot! Never seen the delicate arch from this viewpoint before, but it sure is beautiful! A lot of great photos on this blog, I'll be back!


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