Mountain Climber

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Mountain Climber

Mountain Goats scrambling their way across the side of Mt. Evans. We took a late Saturday drive up North Americas highest paved road to the top of Mt. Evans, a beautiful sunset and lighting. Whenever I’m up at altitude it’s either a lovely clear sunny day or I have an oppressive storm bearing down on me, this is one of the rare times I’ve been in and above the clouds, truly magical.

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15 Responses to “Mountain Climber”

  1. sb

    I agree, the clouds above the landscape, as well as those moving through the valley, make it truly magical.

  2. Gavin Hart

    Looks like a cold barren peak just there and I've never seen goats with such a thick coat of fur before. You can certainly sense the height of the location here too.

  3. Phil

    Great shot! Beautiful mood and dramatic light, and the mountain goats look amazing!
    Thanks for the recent visits & comments!


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