Morning on the Lakes

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Morning on the Lakes

Stitched from 3 shots taken with the D70. Roosevelt lakes, Mt. Evans Wilderness in Pike National Forest, CO.

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17 Responses to “Morning on the Lakes”

  1. Ginnie

    Great stitching job, Will. Wow. Did you stitch vertically or horizontally? Since it's almost square, it's hard to tell!

    I do like the morning light!

  2. miu*

    What time did you get up this morning?
    Before rising sun,the world is very quiet.This pic represents such an atomosphere.Great!

  3. Nick

    Great stitch job. I like the reflections and the foreground rocks. You have gotten lots of nice distance in the image.

  4. Justin

    Beautiful spot. As a rock climber, and boulderer specifically, this seems like a dream land. Really well captured.


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