Mirror Lake

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Mirror Lake

The full moon in the mountains last night was quite spectacular, though I don’t think I got quite the shots I was hoping for. None the less the weather held out (even though it’s bitterly cold this time of year at high altitude) and the wind was still, perfect conditions for a few lake panoramas.

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27 Responses to “Mirror Lake”

  1. Maarten

    if it wasn't for the rock in the bottom right, you could easily flip this image upside-down without anyone noticing… great shot !

  2. Kim

    Positively gorgeous! Love the color and the smoothness of the water – makes for a perfect reflection. Great shot!

  3. puzzled

    Ah, you are such a great landscape photographer. This is stunning! I love the detail you've kept, and agree with the others that the reflection is just fabulous.

  4. Denise Tloer

    Beautiful photo, the reflection is perfect. If it weren't for the thin line of rock the sky and water look like one.


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