Look Behind

(About this image) Look Behind - Analog treated glitch art

Edited Amiga originalFor this piece I subjected the image to a 3 step process. Starting in Photoshop, I built a displacement map from the original to produce the distorted, corrupted feel. Secondly, the image was converted to a format usable by a 1980’s Commodore Amiga computer. It was then dithered and recolored in 4096 colors by the vintage machine. Lastly, the image was display on a 14in CRT monitor, re photographed and imported back onto a modern Mac. For a comparison, the inline image attached is a direct save from the Amiga. Notice how small the dimensions are, this a full sized image from a 30 year old computer!

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5 Responses to “Look Behind”

  1. Elaine K

    i just love this picture! but i would have to know what it is of, before i steal it for a desktop picture lol

    • Will Williams

      It’s a woman with her arm stretched up in the air. I think I went a little too abstract with this photo 🙂 But I’m glad you like it!

  2. sherri

    kinda lost me on parts of the processing, but i’m impressed reading the details : – )

    love, love the cool result

  3. Ginnie

    You are just “way beyond me,” Will, with how you accomplished this, but kudos for the effort and end result!


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