It’s the End of the Roll, Tex!

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It's the End of the Roll, Tex!

Some where in northern Texas. My Nikon EM failed to rewind the entire film and part of the roll got exposed 🙁

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15 Responses to “It’s the End of the Roll, Tex!”

  1. Rian

    aww.. too bad.. but that exposed part gives this an interesting feel.. 🙂 nice capture.. i'm loving the deep blue sky.. 🙂

  2. don

    An eye-catching picture even without the exposed side of the film. I'm glad the shot has a light pole and house to give us an idea of size. Nice shot.

  3. michele

    no need for a sad face about the roll end – i love it when this happens – and it adds the rough edges feeling of this place. very cool image. (thank you for the visit and comment)

  4. Sean

    I like to think that the exposure is the last thing you see before Tex takes you out…just a flash of brilliant white.


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