It’s Lonely Out Here

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It's Lonely Out Here

During a recent cleaning spree I found 3 rolls of un scanned film from about 3 years ago, amazing what treasures you find when you organize things a little 😉
I believe this was taken along the front range, Colorado. Ilford FP4 Plus.

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27 Responses to “It’s Lonely Out Here”

  1. don

    The lone tree on the hill top makes a fine subject with the grasses in the foreground. Nice shading around the edges.

  2. Diane

    this is so appealing. Partly because I am so drawn to black and white but moreso because of the keen eye in composition and the gentle simplicity.

  3. PixeLuz

    A hill to lose oneself like this lonely tree. A minimalistic picture (though it may be the result of a delicate post-processing), and a masterpiece for all the feelings it evokes.

  4. javga

    You know what they say, it is lonely at the top. Very nice, I like the graining and the B/W processing. It works great with a subject like this.

  5. Mike Blanchard

    Classic landscape with some really cool post processing. Love the simple lines. Great vision to create such a strong image from such simple elements. Nicely done.


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