In the Shadows

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In the Shadows

Upper Grand Canyon. Taken with the Ansco Shur-Shot JR. with what I believe was expired Ilford Pan F 50 120. Great film but combined with the fixed 1/60 shutter speed of the shur-shot, I had to be selective of the shot, especially down in the canyon.

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30 Responses to “In the Shadows”

  1. Mindy

    I agree with John about feeling as though I'm smack in the middle of this scene. Gorgeous tones, textures, and compo.

  2. sherri

    Very nice in the greyscale. I like how the canyon seems framed apart from the water. As always, quite fantastic.

  3. Hess

    Beautiful b + w…I love the fact you shot it in film. There's something in film (a warmth?) you just can't duplicate in digital. Love this shot!

  4. jo

    Such muscular cliffs there contrasting wonderfully with the ethereal clouds above. Just wonderful

  5. FLOOG

    I'm so excited, we head off for our month long vacation to family in Canada in just 10 days time, and part of the trip will be Vegas and the grand canyon, my favourite place in the world!

    If I can get a single photograph anywhere near as good as this wondeful image, I'll be a happy chappy.

    Love the B&W, and film… I remember using that when I ws a lad ha ha


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