Hard Living

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Hard Living

The restored Section House at the top of Boreas Pass, Colorado.
This shot was taken back in July but we again today revisited the buildings that were built in 1882 to house the towns population of 150 who serviced the mining railroad to Breckenridge. The buildings stand at an elevation of 11,500ft and once had the highest post office in North America, they were abandoned in 1937.

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27 Responses to “Hard Living”

  1. grant

    truly awesome – the wide angle works well, the buildings are fascinating, and that sky looks like one massive cloud about to fall.

  2. Rian

    the clouds falling off into darkness & the wide angle shot of this shot gives it a very dramatic effect.. great composition as well.. awesome.. 🙂

  3. Alice

    What a beautiful place. I'd love to rent it out for the summer and just sit and relax in the peace and quiet.

  4. Ginnie

    This kinda reminds me of the Wild Wild West and how rough of a life they had it in surviving. Actually, this feels soulful to me. I think I had to really rough it in a past life, Will. 🙂


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