Getting to Know You

(About this image) Getting to Know You - Glitch art

in a place i can’t go
these memories too fragmented.
what pictures I still have of you
turned cold where i left them.

About This Image

Three step process: High resolution Photoshop edit exported at 500 x 335 pixels to a vintage Amiga computer where it was converted to 4096 colors. Re photographed on a 14 inch CRT monitor and imported back into photoshop for final color retouching.


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7 Responses to “Getting to Know You”

  1. Elaine K

    wow!!! how did you get it to flicker like that??
    i love taking pics off of monitors… but it doesn’t seem to go over very well lol

  2. Ginnie

    This is a case where the “thumbnail” (smaller image) makes more sense of the image, Will. I love it.


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