Flood Water

(About this image) Flood Water - The flooded Power House of a Titan 1 missile base.

After rappelling into a Titan 1 missile base, a fellow explorer and I worked out way towards the Power House. Peering down the tunnel our first sight was the crane and intact baffling (to reduce the noise from the diesel generators) and even light bulbs still in their fixtures. Once we got closer on the Power House mezzanine it struck us, there was no way into the rest of the facility, everything was completely flooded. The most well persevered Titan 1 base I have seen but it was 90% under water!

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One Response to “Flood Water”

  1. Remus

    So… Now is a big swimming pool.
    In the universe, everything can be transformed.

    The reflection, the light, the textures, the colors… everything very harmonious.
    Excellent job.


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