Fenced In

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Fenced In

While I was attending a photography lecture last year, a question was raised by one of the attendees about the ethics of digital post production of photos. The conclusion of the debate was that trying to pass off a manipulated image is an unethical practice. So I pose this question – What is the difference adjusting the exposure, levels or contrast post production in the photo lab or even at the time of the shoot with an effects filter, to touching up the photo with graphics software? Personally I see it as exactly the same work process to achieve exactly the same results. Be it in the lab or using PhotoShop, both require a high level of skill. Where I draw the line is editing the content of the image, removing unwanted people, adding clouds etc. And trying to pass the scene as a natural photograph, I love digital art but lets call it for what it truly is.

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6 Responses to “Fenced In”

  1. James

    I agree that a certain amount of exposure and levels adjustment are fine. the information is there in the electronic file, the skilled post-processer is just bringing it out to the surface, not much different than what Ansel Adams did in long hours in the darkroom. I kind of think he would have dug PhotoShop immensely.

    Great image. Lensbaby or post? See? I can

  2. micki

    First visit here, and your work is beautiful!! Your images are positive and uplifting and truly inspirational. I will be back to visit again.

  3. sherri

    I like this scene. It's one of the images I wanted to collect, but defaults to your index page. It has the look of a Lensbaby


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