Feeding the Machine

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Feeding the Machine

Oil derek on the side of the road, somewhere in Texas.

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23 Responses to “Feeding the Machine”

  1. martie

    Nice one! I saw lots of these on my trip south earlier this year. You've captured it very well and I really like the perspective.

  2. Nicki

    Somewhere in Texas? Well, i remember on my last film, chainsaw masacre! You know? It has a speacial style – and thats really the same like this one. Great mood.

  3. gavin hart

    I don't have a Holga but was curious to see what one looked like so found some pics of one on the net. It doesn't look anything special but sure does take photos with a unique feel about them. This one of yours here has that special dreamy appeal and focus qualities. Nicely shot through the wire fence.

  4. michele

    beautifully composed – especially the way one end of the pump lines up with the pipes in the foreground. does indeed look like the pump is dipping into the other mechanism for sustenance.


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