Eventually, Everyones Foot Print Will Fade

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Eventually, Everyones Foot Print Will Fade

Great Sand Dunes, CO. Ilford PanF 50

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25 Responses to “Eventually, Everyones Foot Print Will Fade”

  1. Kris

    Fantastic emotive image. You can almost feel the exhaustion that it implies. Great combination of shot & treatment.

  2. grant

    by total coincidence i was listening to bonnie “prince” billy singing “death to everyone” as i opened this image – quite a pairing. excellent photo.

  3. John Maslowski

    Excellent perspective, feels like I'm looking into this vast desert. One day I would love to visit all these places you have shown us. Outstanding images, great works.

  4. Yulia

    I really like the blurriness of this image – it makes it flow. Also, the black & white is making this walk in the desert seem oh more so futile.


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