Digital Entropy

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The line between our physical lives and online identities is blurring. Are our legitimate digital identities overlapping with our idealized personas or avatars? Or is the structure of information that makes us unique, decaying like bad pixels in an image? Rogue data obscures once verified information about ourselves, our identities violated by fragments of flawed information in search results. Foreign clusters of bytes, aggregated by an algorithm and deemed relevant and related by a machine.

Who are we when this obfuscation of our digital selves encroaches on our physical presence? Surveillance, facial recognition and tracking occur daily. Does the act of buying vegetables at a market also suffer the same level of signal decay as our online lives. Where does the corruption of identity between our connected and physical lives end? Are our personalities being subverted by the “bit rot” of a machine?

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5 Responses to “Digital Entropy”

  1. sherri

    good questions

    probably is my answer

    we are still who we are though no matter what cyberspace makes us to appear

    it’s a scary world in which we live and i wasn’t expecting it to be so close in our immediate society as it is right now

    • Will Williams

      Indeed it is scary. My narrative is hyperbolic, but the suggestive and physiological influence the digital world wields, is frightening.

      Thanks for stopping by and reading Sherri! 🙂 I always greatly appreciate your comments.

  2. Ginnie

    So many questions; so little time. I wonder how in this Age of Aquarius we will learn how to corral all the information out there, harness its energy, and guide it, lest it drive us all wild!

    • Will Williams

      Very true, but if Facebooks recent antics show us anything, we are the information, the product. Maybe we’re the ones going wild in the machine 😉

  3. Elaine-

    yes… there’s so much AI out there, having it’s way with us… and i think we can already tell that we are enslaved, the lines are not just blurred, the lines are keeping us tied to our chairs


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