Desert Sunset

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Desert Sunset

Now there’s really no need to discuss the benefits of digital photography, the affordability, speed, simplicity and so the list goes on but what about the good ol’ film process? I think there’s still something to be said about traditional photography. When I’m shooting with a digital I happily snap away, working on a subject till I think I’ve covered every angle and lighting situation, but try doing that with 35mm slide film, I’d be my local camera stores best friend! But the flip side when your forking out your hard earned cash for developing is you think harder about your subject, you take care to setup your shots, there’s no rapid fire. If anything forces you to think and look at your work more it can’t be a bad thing. I guess it all comes down to psychology. There really is no reason a film camera of equal quality would take a better picture. Some photographers appreciate the artistic qualities of film because of the feel of the camera, the shutter click and sound of the winding film. To be truthful I think I’m one of those people sometimes. In all I think there’s still a place for the clunky 35mm in my camera bag.

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  1. sherri

    A gorgeous tree. This is digital, right? Anyway, love the shot and you're right. I wouldn't take as many pics if I had film to have processed.


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